Kahane: “Opera Scene” from Craigslistlieder (cut version). Performed at the University of Calgary as part of the Congress for Humanities and Social Sciences in 2016.


“Furia di donna irata” from La buona figliuola with Les Arts Florissants, conducted by William Christie. Live at the Cité de la Musique, Paris, 2007.


Raise Your Voice social justice recital demo reel taken from the first three performance iterations:


Dugan: Luisa’s aria from The Red Button, by Guidonna Dugan. Performed with Mel Kirby for the Forms of Sound Festival in 2017:


Copland: “Why Do They Shut Me Out of Heaven?” from Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson. Performed as part of the first iteration of the Raise Your Voice project in 2012, with Grace Choi, piano.


Mozart: “Abendempfindung” with Jory Vinikour, pianoforte: