Laura Hynes took off in flight for the high notes, with an almost disconcerting ease, then brought us back down to earth with her by a descent of flawless purity.”
-Cyril Brun,

“She is exuberant, full of personality, completely engaged and richly expressive.”
-Janelle Gelfand, Cincinnati Enquirer

Dialogues des Carmélites, 2006

“Her delicious Sister Constance was proof of an astounding mastery.”
-Richard Martet, Opéra Magazine

“Laura Hynes’ lovely, clear soprano has personality.”
-Barbara Zuck, Columbus Dispatch

“Constance was Laura Hynes, a merry little finch with a smiling voice full of joy.”
-Benito Pelegrin

The Magic Flute, 2007. Photo by Marc Ginot

“Laura Hynes offers a heartbreaking interpretation of Pamina, between despair and elation”
-Jean-Christophe Care, Montpellier press

“..we find all the graces of the world in Laura Hynes’ delicate Pamina”
-J. V., Midi Libre

“The role of Constance fell to a young American, Laura Hynes, whose quality of French diction could be desired of many of our French compatriots. She lent a mixture of ingenuity and the required gravity to the character as well as a full voice whose timbre is of an exquisite naturalness. Someone to follow!”
-Maurice Salles, Forum Opera

La Cenerentola, 2007. Photo by Marc Ginot

“The American Laura Hynes was a Constance approached from the interior (without the superficial mannerisms we often run into), whose charming lyricism was complimented by flawless diction. ”
– Betrand Bolognesi

“The young soloists – also blending well in ensemble singing – were captivating in the various solo parts with an amazing richness of expressivity, depth of feeling and
flexibility, as well as a striking technical security – like the soprano Laura Hynes with her astonishing high notes.”
-Frankfurter Neue Presse

“I congratulate you again on an exquisite program, brilliantly and most impressively done. The highest compliment I can imagine is to tell you that Carolyn would have loved it and been your fan for life as am I.”
-Dominick Argento, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer